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The Feminine Publishing Company

and Amazon Intelligencer

Feminine Amazon LiteratureThe Feminine Publishing Company - and Amazon Intelligencer -introduces a new genre of literature. Feminine Literature.

What does that mean? Isn't it the same thing as "lesbian literature"? Not at all. "Lesbian literature" is a literature about women in a world of men and women, who are emotionally or romantically attracted to other women.

Feminine literature is about feminine beings inhabiting a reality in which the feminine is total - there is no masculine element in these worlds. It is not necessarily a romantic literature - although it may have romantic elements - it is simply a literature of feminine being in all its modes and possibilities.

Are these, then, fantasy worlds? In some cases yes. But not all of what we present will be fiction by a long way. We include religious works for those whose devotion takes a purely-feminine form; philosophical works; works set in self-defined but actually existing feminine worlds; works dealing with an all-feminine period which some believe to have existed on earth and of which the Amazon nations were a final remnant.

Browse the categories below for feminine literature of many kinds:

The Amazon Intelligencer
News and views from the world of intemorphic literature. Watch this space for all the latest things!

Intemorphiction: Girl girl stories from all girl worlds
Intemorphiction means girl girl stories - stories in which only the feminine exists.

The Intemorphic Science Fiction Genre
The Intemorphic science fiction genre deals with worlds and realities in which only feminine beings exist.

The Mistress of Mayanna, or The adventure of the Crystal Staff
The Mistress of Mayanna, or the Adventure of the Crystal Staff - a detective story set in an all-feminine world.

The Stowaways: A feminine science 'phiction story
The Stowaways is a never-seen-before science fiction story set in an all-girl reality

The Amazons: World History Timeline
Who were the Amazons. To understand that we need to know the hidden world history timeline of Planet Earth.

Atlantis the lost Empire
Atlantis the lost Empire: The first great conquest of the Amazons

Ancient Crete: home of Matriarchy?
Ancient Crete is often regarded as the centre of matrriarchy. What is the truth about this fascinating island?

Amazon Contact Page
Amazon Contact - Connect with the Amazon Intelligence agency

A Sermon in Outer Space
What effect does outer space have on our spiritual outlook?

The Mother God Gospel
The Gospel of our Mother God is the Bible of those who worship God in feminine form.

Old-fashion spanking in an all-feminine world - The District Governess
Why were these old-fashion spanking stories one of the earliest forms of all-feminine literature?

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